On Computers

You need to download an install the Userbrain Extension for the Google Chrome Browser. After installation, the Userbrain Extension is automatically added to the taskbar of Google Chrome. You'll find it at the right side next to the address bar.

Access your example test by clicking on the Userbrain icon and log in with the email and password you've used for your Userbrain account.

Then click on "read task" and scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "select screen".

Select the screen your browser window shows up and click on "share".

As soon as you then click on "open site and start recording" the recording of your voice and your screen starts. You can always get back to the task and end the recording by clicking the Userbrain Icon again.

Userbrain Chrome Extension will be only active during a user test which you have started and ends recording once your test is completed.

Additionally, there will be a timer running in front of that Userbrain Icon where you can see how long you've been recording. 


On iOS devices

Download the Userbrain App for iOS devices and log in with the same email and password as at your Userbrain dashboard. To begin your test pick the "example test" and read your tasks carefully.

By pressing the button "starting test" in the upper right corner, the app will automatically record your screen and your audio commentary.

Make sure to follow all the given tasks and finish your test by clicking on the green checkmark icon. The app will upload your test automatically. 


More about your example test

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