Why do I have to take the example test?

We use the example tests to make sure that you know how our screen recorder works. 

Checking whether your Mac/PC or iPad/iPhone functions properly are another fundamental parts to ensure on before sending you paid tests. 

Am I getting paid for the example test?

No, you're not getting paid for the example test.

How is my example test evaluated?

We'll check if your testing environment functions properly and that there is both a clean video recording of your interaction and a good to understand audio signal of your reactions.

Furthermore, we'll check if you're expressing your thoughts out loud and follow all the given tasks.

When will I find out whether my example test was approved?

It can take up to a week for your results to be reviewed, please just check your email inbox for any news from us.

Can I retake my example test?

Yes, you can. We send a short feedback email when there are any issues regarding your example test. Please make sure that you have fixed those issues before you submit your next example video.

What happens after my example test is approved?

Once that happens, you'll be eligible for paid test opportunities. We'll send you an email confirmation that you're now ready to take paid test opportunities. 

We advise you that you check and update our Chrome extension and/or iOS app often.